Ludwigia Mullertii

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suitable for both mid and background planting
  • Ludwigia Mulertii is a extremly easy red plant, it will grow in almost any aqaurium and under birhgt light gives a true deep red which no other aquatic plant can give. This plant has been used for decades and is a must have for a Plant person. 
    Genus: Ludwigia 
    Species: Mullertii
    Family: Onagraceae
    Origin: East Coast of North America
    Area/height: Midground 30 -40 cm
    Light:  High
    Temperature: 18 - 26 °C
    Growth rate:  Fast
    pH: 8 
    Water hardness: Very soft to medium
    CO2: 0 - 20 mg/I 
    Propagation: Head cuttings, side shoots 

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