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  • 1 x Bunched Mayaca fluviatilis (Each bunch contains at least 15-20 stems)

    Rarely seen for sale. Every week i receive stunning examples of this species (see pictures).

    Size varies but usually 6-8"+

    Stunning mid/background plant.

    Enjoys bright lighting, liquid fertilisation and CO2 although not always essential.

    Mayaca fluviatilis grows in swamps and other wet areas from the Southern United States to South America. It is solidly established in the planted aquarium hobby and is available from many sources as well as from appropriate collection locations in its natural habitat.

    The iron requirement of M. fluviatilis makes it an indicator plant that can be relied upon to indicate if enough iron is present; if it's happy, all other species should be as well. Iron deficiency is indicated by shoots that are pale yellow or even white. Modest lighting is sufficient and CO2 supplementation is recommended.

    Properly maintained, M. fluviatilis is beautiful to behold with its delicate light green spiky foliage. It possesses the rare trait of being equally at home in Dutch and Japanese aquascapes, where it has a place as both a neatly trimmed 'hedge' and as a sprawling midground accent. In any situation, it serves as an excellent foil to red plants. Branching abundantly and pearling heavily, it grows with vigor but not with overpowering strength, making it favorable to the maintainer of almost any 'scape'.



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